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Auburn Foundation Repair
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Greetings!  I’m Sean, a proven foundation expert with over 350 foundations repaired over a 21-year career.  I make an honest living permanently fixing and solving people’s foundation issues on just about every kind of structure.  Trust me, I’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to foundations in the Pacific Northwest.

But enough about me, you need help with your foundation.

Call us if you need a professional construction company to permanently fix anything related to residential foundation repairs, building foundation repairs, concrete slab leveling, crack repairs, foundation crack repairs, sinking foundations, cracked foundations, crawl space foundation repairs, foundation repair companies in auburn, foundation raising, reinforcing, heave remediation, radon detection and mitigation, stem wall repairs, basement waterproofing, foundation repair companies near me… get the point.  We can perform a detailed investigation on the cause/effect, determine the best solution, and perform the required work.

We’re guilty of excellent customer service, honesty, and having the best value pricing.  Auburn and the general King and Pierce counties are the areas we can serve the fastest.

Call for a free evaluation or if you just have some questions, we’ll be happy to help you and tell you what we know.

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Services We Offer:

Concrete Pressure Grouting

Permanently fill subsurface erosion causing foundation undermining.

Concrete Leveling

Address the cause of uneven concrete for a permanently level surface.

Crack Stitching

Stop cracks from growing with a process known as “crack stitching”.

Crawl Space Repairs

Crawl spaces are accessible and flexible in foundation repair solutions.

Foundation Raising

Foundation lifting is the most challenging service we provide. Bring it on!

Foundation Repairs

You don’t just want a repair, you want a permanent solution.

Heave Remediation

Signs of heaving are the result of underlying issues.

Radon Mitigation

This silent killer is now well understood with excellent solutions available.

Stem Wall Repair

Out of plumb stem walls will eventually reveal themselves.




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Foundation Repair Auburn and Its Tenets

Auburn Foundation Repair

The greater King County and Auburn areas are located in one of the greenest corners of the country, and are also one of the most vibrant regions to do business in. Whether you are a newcomer or were born and raised in the area, chances are you have noticed the Pacific Northwest has a lot to offer – despite the occasionally shaky ground.

As hardworking and stubborn as we are, we at the Northwest Foundations Auburn refuse to let that get in the way of your house’s lifespan. We can heal your ailing structure from any of the following:

Bowing Walls

The ground is always moving imperceptibly beneath our feet. As it expands, it can push your walls outwards and render them unstable. At first glance, this may call for a complete rebuilt – but call us first to learn more about the many ways we can fix bowing walls for you!

Sagging Floor Joists

Sometimes, all it takes is one good shake for doors to start jamming or to see some sagging around your floor. In this case, the crawl space tends to be the one has shifted. There are many easy ways to fix this, but if you want it to be fixed right, call the good Foundation Doctors first.

Floor Cracks

Floor cracks have a tendency of going unnoticed until they suddenly become huge. They are one of the most important signs of a settling foundation or of problems with your home’s concrete slabs. This can be caused for a variety of reasons, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach for floor cracks.

Taking care of them requires a critical eye and an accurate diagnosis. We specialize in the installation of deep floor piers, which we have learned to do cleanly and noninvasive.

Concrete External Slab Cracks

Shifting or sinking soils can cause these unsightly cracks to appear, which will harm your curb appeal and may even alarm the neighbors. A smartly-applied PolyLEVEL injection can help you put everything back into place: this is a strong polyurethane foam that can expand beneath your slab and provide new level ground for your concrete slabs.

So if the floors in your house are looking a bit different lately, don’t wait for the cracks to spread. Call us from anywhere in Auburn, or any nearby suburbs to get a professional team to help you out.


There is a lot more to fixing sinking floors or damaged foundations than pouring concrete on top of them. Your family deserves a reliable team to take care of your foundation – you will be building your lives and memories on top of our work!

Unique among Eastern Tacoma and Auburn contractors, the Northwest Foundations offers:

The brightest group of experts – Certified by both years on the job and good grades in the classroom

Free inspections and quotes – The first step for any good doctor is an accurate diagnosis – and we’ll do it for free!

Reliable Written Warranties – We wanted to set them in concrete, but our lawyers insisted on paper.

100% Customer satisfaction – Whether you are dealing with sagging floor joists, bowing walls, sunken concrete slabs, or damaged foundations, Western Washington homeowners prefer and deserve top quality service and lasting solutions.

At Northwest Foundations, we have invested a lot on our reputation and on our contractors’ training. We keep close ties with the Deep Foundation Institute, the Foundation Repair Association, the Master Builders Association, the PolyLEVEL network, and the Foundation Supportworks.

We are firm believers that true professionals never stop learning. This is why we are constantly updating our knowledge and following up on our own work – and we are very proud to say our commitment to quality has been recognized by some of the industry’s biggest names. From our local Chamber of Commerce to the home maintenance gurus at Angie’s List, we have accumulated prizes, medals, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Foundation Problem Signs in the Greater Seattle and Auburn Area

Need help to identify your foundation repair auburn problem? Learn how we can help!

Foundation problems are a very real threat to any building’s structural integrity, but that doesn’t mean they equate a death sentence. If identified early and dealt with by combining good engineering with prompt action, most of the problems can be fixed without vacating the house at all!

The key to effective repairs is to make the right repairs right away – which starts by identifying the problem accurately. The guide below should help you identify what’s likely wrong with your foundation or concrete slabs, so you can start mobilizing your troops for the next step.

At Northwest Foundations Auburn, we like to think of ourselves as specialized shock troops in the fight against foundation damage. We are a highly-trained team of experts that can apply surgical strokes rather than blunt force. Call or email today to schedule an inspection and start working on a quote.

The most common issues include:

Uneven or Sloping Floors

The name pretty much says it all: floor joists and finished flooring become visibly uneven.

Common symptoms include:

  • Sinking sections of the floor
  • Heaving concrete slabs
  • Frequent door jams
  • Cracks on the floor
  • Mold, rot, and, other life forms growing in the crawl space

Uneven or sloping floors are usually caused by a settling foundation repair auburn or by crawl space problems. Fixing them should therefore address more than just the cosmetic damage. Depending on the situation, you may just need a prompt crawl space jack, or more extensive foundation piers.

Inward Bowing Walls

Are your foundation walls looking a bit crooked lately? Bowing, buckling, or tilted walls can be recognized by:

  • Walls sliding inwards on the bottom or by the top
  • Diagonal cracks spreading out of corners
  • Horizontal or stair-step wall cracks
  • Wetness appears around the home or structure – especially on clay floors

The last symptom on the list should give you a clue of the most common cause of bowing walls: water damage. Depending on the extent of it, the best way to handle it may be through Wall Anchors (we are fond of Supportworks’ Geo-Lock™) or a comprehensive PowerBrace™ Wall System.

Floor Cracks

An uneven foundation can cause the floor beneath you to literally crack. Beneath the cracks you can see, there is usually a sinking, settling or sagging concrete or foundation slab. Other telltale signs include:

  • Floors dropping near the point where they meet walls
  • Gaps forming between the floor and the wall
  • Cracks in the concrete floor
  • Interior wall cracks, especially if coming off the bottom corners

If you need to fix floor cracks caused by uneven foundations, you can go either of these two routes:

slab pier system can help connect the slab to a nearby bedrock or to more stable soil. This can then serve as extra support when re leveling settled slab sections.

Applying PolyLEVEL expanding foam to raise any settled sections of the concrete. This is a high-density foam that can easily fill voids beneath the foundation, consolidating weak soils without having to remove anything.

Sagging Floors over a Crawl Space

Sagging floors are never good, but when they appear near a crawl space, they tend to have different causes – most likely, problems with support columns, joists, girders or posts. They can be identified by:

  • Moisture in the wood near crawl spaces
  • Tilting or sinking crawl space supports
  • Uneven or sloping floors close to crawl space supports
  • Uneven floors on any of the “upstairs” sections of the home
  • Skewed window frames

For support columns that were installed too far apart, or crawl space beams that have suffered water or rot damage, the best way to address the problem is to install additional crawl space supports. Anti-mold treatments or liners will also help avoid the problem from reappearing.

Interior Wall Cracks

These are most common around walls or windows, as they tend to be the weakest spots in the house. They can be identified by:

  • Horizontal or “stair step” cracks on inner walls
  • Diagonal cracks on inner walls
  • Bulging foundation walls
  • Sliding in at the top of the wall.

Wall cracks can be caused by different reasons, and they should be treated accordingly after a thorough inspection. Hairline cracks, which often appear on their own as the concrete cures, can often be left alone. But if there are foundation settlement issues, you may need foundation piers installed instead. Occasionally, a wall anchor system can also help when cracks are caused by expansive or weakened soils. So if you find us in Google, you’re in great luck!

Frequently Jammed Windows or Doors

Hard to open doors or windowsills that seem to be jammed more often than not can be an early sign of foundation damage. Symptoms include:

  • Windows that need an extra push to open or close
  • Doors that won’t close completely
  • Door frames and openings that are out of square
  • Diagonal cracks radiating from top corners of windows or door openings

Provided the door is not simply damaged after being slammed, repairing hard-to-close doors or windows will most often need you to address the underlying foundation or crawl-space damage.

This can be done with foundation piers to repair settlement issues, or with crawl space jacks and extra supports.

Tilting Chimneys

Often, a tilting or crooked chimney makes people want to call the demolition squad. But this may not be necessary. If you see any of the following, we can help!

  • A chimney smokestack that is separating from the main building
  • Leaning of the chimney
  • Gaps appearing between the chimney and home walls
  • Roof damage, especially around the areas there flashing meets the chimney

Helical Pier System provided by Support works can help you place the chimney back where it belongs without having to remove it altogether. This will depend on the extent of the damage, though. This problem can sometimes point at a deeper foundation issue that may warrant more aggressive treatment. Better safe than sorry!

Cracks in an Exterior Wall

These often appear after fixing foundation repair auburn problems, or completely on their own. Common signs include:

  • Horizontal, vertical, or diagonal (“stair-step”) cracks
  • Buckling foundation walls
  • Pushing in at the bottom of the wall
  • Sliding in at the top of the wall

Dealing with wall cracks will be entirely dependent on the results of the inspection and diagnosis. Solutions may include:

  • Foundation piers if there are any foundation settlement issues
  • A wall anchor system in the case of an expansive soil
  • Nothing but some plaster in the case of hairline cracks


Permanent Foundation Solutions

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