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Compaction and Pressure Grouting Auburn, WA


Are You Looking for the Best Compaction Grouting Expert in Auburn? Need a professional and efficient team around to take of your pressure grouting quickly?

Pressure and Compaction Grouting

Compaction Grouting Services Auburn – It is an effective, high-powered solution to bring some much-needed stability to the soil beneath your house. Used extensively for foundation repairs and for pre-construction leveling all around Washington state, compaction grouting is essentially a denser version for pressure grouting, strong enough to resist non-point load bearing structures such as swimming pools and pavements.

Flat structures tend to have a higher risk of leveling or cracking because they distribute too much weight evenly — and the larger the surface, the higher the chance that a weak spot won’t resist. A good stabilization job before construction begins is the best way to prevent future problems — but even if your foundation is already in the way, there are ways to go around it.

How is Pressure Grouting Done?

  1. The first tricky part is to determine the proper depth for the injection casing. This requires a thorough land inspection to identify soil conditions and bedrock depth. If need be, the best points for pre-drilling should be identified at this stage.
  2. Once the experts have had their say, you can opt for hammering down the casing with an air powered driver or with a hydraulic one.
  3. After reaching the ideal depth, grout should be pumped down on top of the casings. If you are looking for a high-density compaction grounding, we will use a special mix that adds extra friction, and the casing itself will be at least 2’’ in diameter.
  4. Next, we will raise the casing by 12 to 24 inches, depending on what your building needs, before repeating the process. We may add as many rounds as need be until we reach the surface back.

The Sturdiest Grout Compaction Service in Auburn and King County

Compaction Grouting Services Auburn – We have spent over two decades repairing, assessing, and improving foundations across Auburn and the entire King County area. It took us a long time to finally get established as the top provides of grout compaction in the region — so it is an achievement we intend to keep!

Is your home at risk from unstable soils, poorly-measured foundations, or settling concrete? Northwest Foundations will diagnose, treat, and prevent further damage to your property.

We have successfully repaired hundreds of house floors, pool decks, building slabs, and driveways in the Auburn area. Feel free to ask for recommendations! Thanks to our highly-trained and experienced crew, we are able to provide superb quality and fast deadlines as part of our service. Just give us a call, and we will make sure to find the best solution for you.



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