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Need Concrete Leveling, Raising, or Leveling Services Around Seattle, Tacoma, Auburn, or Olympia? Go Straight For The Best!

Call for the latest, sturdiest technology to ensure your concrete slabs raise to the right height: PolyLevel ® polymer injections

Sinking concrete slabs can quickly translate into bowing walls, cracks, and serious foundation problems, which is why they deserve efficient, high tech solutions. Many Washington homeowners who notice problems immediately go for mud jacking or even for a total replacement. These are expensive and messy solutions, and while effective, they are no longer the only available ones.

Northwest Foundations is now bringing to your area the top solution for trip hazards and water pooling problems.

Polymer injections are an efficient solution for driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, and concrete slabs. Wherever the Auburn area weather wants to play a trick on you, this polyurethane foam injection will improve your concrete slab’s appearance and safety standards.

Call Northwest Foundations Auburn right away to schedule a free inspection and consultation. We will provide you with a no-strings-attached assessment, customized for your home by one of our licensed experts. Consider PolyLEVEL!

Do I Need Concrete Leveling?

Some of the most common red flags of sunken concrete slabs include:

  • Uneven or bumpy driveways
  • Soil beneath the slabs is washing out
  • Uneven concrete steps or sidewalks
  • Recurrent and ever-growing cracks on the slabs

What is PolyLEVEL ® All About?

Sinking or settled concrete slabs can show many symptoms across your property, although they tend to have the same root cause: when concrete shrinks or moves, either because of water or for soil weaknesses, it creates gaps and empty spaces beneath the structure.

Add some weight or some pressure right on top of these hidden spaces, and the uneven surface will slowly create cracks and sunken sections.

The typical solution for this is to simply dig and replace everything — which will leave you with a big section of your house that you can’t access for weeks at a time. On the other hand, PolyLevel ® offers a way to stabilize and fill in those gaps with minimal fuss while keeping costs down.

How Does it Work?

PolyLEVEL ® is a proprietary foam made of high-density polyurethane. It can be injected beneath the slab, where it will expand and fill all the new gaps and crannies that are forming between your concrete slabs and the soil.

In addition, the two-part urethane formula will add an extra protection against water damage and slab sliding, which will prevent the problem from re-appearing. Best of all, with this technology, you can forget about digging big holes all over your driveway! Here’s how it’s done:

  1. We drill small (up to 5/8’’) holes directly in the slab
  2. We will install strategically-placed injection ports in these holes
  3. From there, we can inject PolyLEVEL foam to fill the voids and raise the slab
  4. After checking everything is even once again, we seal the holes and control joints.

PolyLEVEL ® Applications – A Highly Precise Task

While the basics of polyurethane foam injections sound simple, this is a job that requires a deeper understanding of physics and extensive experience in order to perform properly. Northwest Foundations Auburn is pioneering this technology in the area, which can be used in:


Sinking sideways are not just detrimental for your curb appeal, but they can also become a public hazard. It’s best to take care of this problem before any of your neighbors trip, leaving you with a huge ER bill on your lap.

PolyLEVEL ® injections, smartly applied, will eliminate this liability and leave your sidewalk ready to be skated over within the hour.


If your driveway is sinking or cracking, damages tend to compound rapidly. After all, your driveway is frequently exposed to heavy weights, so any void spaces hiding beneath it will break under pressure. Replacing it altogether may leave you without a parking space for the whole week!

Using polyurethane foam injections instead will not only provide you with a quicker solution, but will protect it from extra damage for years to come.

Patios & Porches

Your patio is where you relax and your kids play, which makes it one of the worst places to worry about tripping or falling. However, because they are a “fun section” of the house, we tend to pay less attention to it.

Are your patio chair suddenly wobbling? It may be a leveling problem. Call for a concrete leveling consultation.

Concrete Pool Decks

In addition to sinking and becoming uneven, pool decks tend to be at a higher risk because they are exposed to frequent water damage. PolyLEVEL injections will not only repair this damage, but will impact its future upkeep the most.



Permanent Foundation Solutions

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