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Foundation Crack Repair Auburn, WA


Floor crack? Feeble concrete slabs? You Can Now Stitch Them with Carbon Fiber!

Ever-growing cracks all over your concrete slabs or your floor are one of the most common signs of foundation damage. Whether the soil beneath them is uneven, pressure points are sliding, or you’re still looking for the original source of the damage, floor cracks will be there to remind you.

Most of us know by now that foundation problems are not something to be left alone. And yet, once the root cause has been repaired, the cracks still need to be fixed. Not only will they make your Washington home look unkempt and detract from its value, but they can also make someone trip and literally break their nose on the concrete.

Carbon fiber crack stitching offers an easy, durable, and cost-effective solution to repair these cracks without having to replace the entire concrete block. These stitching systems can bridge the gaps in between shear forces, and they are significantly cheaper than the steel dowels that are traditionally used.

Northwest Foundations is the most experienced company in crack repairs and stitching in Auburn and the general King County. We use a certified, USA-Made, low viscosity polyuria to glue the carbon fiber laminates together, and can provide you with strong surfaces for years to come. Our workers have years of experience working with HJ3 composites and have attended all the necessary courses — in addition to being fully insured and equipped.

How does the Crack Stitching Process Work?

Here are the basic steps:

  1. We cut cracks in non-parallel cuts
  2. High strength carbon fiber laminate is installed
  3. After cracks are filled, the polyuria glue is applied
  4. Everything is ground smooth to be as good as new

Final look: Good to go!

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