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Need foundation repair work in the Auburn and King County area?

We stand at the ready to fix wall, floor, ceiling or foundation damage – we know how to do it best!

There are many types of foundation damage, and even more ways it can present itself. Bringing your home back to a safe, stable condition requires a team of efficient experts. Northwest Foundation Repair Auburn is the one ready to help!

Foundation problems will literally creep up unexpectedly around your house, and can be very confusing and stressful. Having your house on the line is not a pleasant experience for any Washington homeowner, especially if you don’t know who to turn to.

Your house is both a home and an investment – and it will only remain as solid as the concrete slabs that support it. This is what makes foundation damage such a troublesome part of home maintenance: cracks on the wrong places can quickly jeopardize your home’s value and your family’s safety. The prospect of structural damage can quickly become a headache for most homeowners, as the list of possible solutions can quickly become too long to handle.

Trust Your Foundation Repairs with a Proven Company

This is something you need to delegate to someone you can TRUST – someone to give you all the information needed to make a smart, empowered choice. This is why we offer FREE assessments and prompt quotes to all our clients. Our goal is to help you make the smartest choice for your family’s long term wellness and safety.

Mold, mildew, or the continuous minor shakes that are typical of Washington and the surrounding area can cause a myriad of problem’s with your home’s foundation: from bowing walls to cracks on the floor or even loss of structural integrity. Fixing these problems requires a highly-trained team who understands both the science of building and the manual skill of installing sturdy solutions – with as few disruptions to your schedule as possible.

Decades of experience delivering foundation repairs around Auburn, Eastern Tacoma, and King County have taught us how to best bring in reinforcements that will last through the years and the ups and downs of life. Our Patented Concentric Loaded Pier system has been specifically designed to fix sinking floors and bowing walls permanently, without destroying half your home in the process.

The design and installation of these loaded piers is tasked to a team of professional licensed structural engineers and contractors, who will draft the best way to raise and level back your home. The job comes with a comprehensive Written Warrantee for both the materials and the craftsmanship.

Contact us today to get:

  • A free foundation assessment
  • A free basement inspection
  • A flexible schedule, adapted to your convenience
  • A written and accurate estimate for foundation repairs – we don’t like surprise bills either!
  • Fully-insured and protected workers
  • A team of licensed and highly trained Stabil-Loc contractors

Both your home and our reputation will be on the line – so we will make sure they pass the test!

We work with patented Support works foundation solutions, installed by a trained staff who knows how to best extend the life of all structural elements in your house or building. Repairing foundations is both our craft and our mission: by saving your home, we also want to help protect the environment and safeguard the original charm of our Auburn community.

Call to schedule an inspection and begin working on a permanent fix for your damaged foundations, sinking concrete slabs, or cracked walls. You can also fill out our quick form to schedule an appointment with one of our foundation repair experts.



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