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Floor Heave Remediation Solutions are Abundant around Auburn – But Northwest Foundations Has the Fix that Will Last

Frost heave and foundation problems go hand in hand across the state of Washington. Frost heave being one of the leading causes of settled or uneven foundations, even if sometimes they get misdiagnosed (and therefore, repairs don’t last). After all, frost heave is very easily confused with water damage, especially around our region.

What is Heave and Why You Have to Fix It

Heave – sometimes called winter heave or autumn heave – can progressively give way to uneven floor slabs, floor cracks, and extensive foundation damage. These problems are not only costly to repair, but they can send your home insurance premiums up the roof.

Heave differs from standard water damage in its cause: heave is triggered by the way frozen soils and subsurface water tend to slide upward, rather than sideways.

Heave Remediation and Prevention

Floor heave remediation can technically be accomplished in many ways, from lowering the surrounding excavations to completely replacing the interior slabs. And yet there is likely to be one solution that will adapt best to the degree of damage around your home, your budget, and the degree of noise that you are willing to put up with.

We also offer different Moisture Control systems that will help prevent future or further heave damage. It virtually eliminates the need for future heave remediation.

All our services start with a phone call or an email. If you suspect that the unsettled or expansive soils on your land are wreaking havoc on your heaves, contact us to schedule an inspection. We’ll check out the building for free, assess the damage, and work on a competitive quote for you.



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